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Our Gamify template with Multi Level Products, Gamification, Badges, Styling
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Kajabi Gamification

A new world opens!

The Kajabi product templates offer few options to none options for the advanced user. That is why we have brought the Kajabi's product templates to the Next Level.

Both the Premier template ad the Momentum template have:

  • Gamification Badges for your students to earn
  • Certificates options
  • Different payment levels within 1 course
  • Customization of the layout
  • Offer based hidden content
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"Kajabi Gamification - the Gamify Product Themes offer extensive new possibilities for your Kajabi courses. Use these templates for your existing and new courses. Just upload and you are ready to go!

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Try the Kajabi Gamification Live Demo >>
New possibilities within

the Kajabi Gamification Template

Kajabi Gamification Badges

Students are more enthusiastically when they are rewarded for their hard work. With badges you can easily visualize those rewards within your Kajabi products. We've added a brand new Badges section. You can add your own badges badges. You can decide how your students can obtain their badges and upload your own badges with just a few clicks. Make your course more fun and playful and your students will complete your course faster and better.

Certificate ready

Add certificates to your training with NiftyImages. Your theme is ready to reward your students. The certificate is shown when someone has completed an assessment or viewed all the lessons, you decide. It includes your students username and it is downloadable as JPG.

(Momentum only)

Multi Level Kajabi Products

Within the Gamify Product themes it is very easy to apply multiple levels. For example a Bronze, Silver and Gold level. Each level has its own Offer and price tag. Your students can buy or earn additional levels without the use of extra Kajabi products.

Note: Multi Level does not work within the Kajabi app.

Next Level Layout

Kajabi's products are static and offer very little few possibilities to adjust or reformat your layout. We have added additional layout features to the Kajabi products, such as being able to adjust the sidebar and the lesson overview. You can adjust the column width and you can add different custom blocks. You can show the badges at different places within the theme. There are many more options for customizing colors. And there's a custom css section for real layout freaks that lets you tweak every detail in this template.

Offer Related Cards

This is really nice! You can now show or hide the custom blocks in the sidebar depending on the offers your students have. You can show upsells when your student doesn't have the offering yet, and hide it when they do. You can show 'hidden content' after they purchase new parts or hide it. Or you can give bonus content when they reach a certain level. Creativity is yours!

Dropdown Menu

Within the Momentum Gamify theme you can have the menu structure collapsed or expanded, what makes your course sidebar much more easy to navigate.

(Momentum only)

Try the Kajabi Gamification Live Demo >>

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Momentum Gamify

€ 399 ex vat

  • Multi level categories
  • Automated Badges
  • Certificaten optie
  • Offer Related Custom Blocks
  • Custom CSS option
  • Extra blocks and syllabus options
  • Many customaziation options
  • New welcome section
  • Full video training
Be creative

Examples built with Kajabi Gamification template

KJB Users NL

Of course you can be the first to experience the new templates. KJB Quick Start (free for new Kajabi users) is built with our Momentum Gamification template.

Helio is a large community with many lessons and modules. The Kajabi Gamify template shows this clearly.


We immediately introduced the badges. How cool are those! Now our customers can immediately see how much sales they have already made with Linktopay.

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