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Kajabi Support is our Core Business

Our team consists of enthusiastic and motivated online entrepreneurs. We are ready to help you grow your own online business. From advice on purchasing Kajabi to extensive reprogramming of the Kajabi themes.

Thanks to our many years of experience, we are the Kajabi specialist in the Netherlands and Flanders.



Kajabi Support

We are the specialist in the Netherlands and Belgium for Kajabi. We have clients all over the world. Do you have a question about this platform, or need help to create your website or add unique adjustments, contact us for free advice.

We offer optimization for your Kajabi site and products. We (custom) build your website or do the custom coding for the more advanced needs.

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Kajabi Support


Kajabi Download: Gamify Product Template

Bring Gamification to Kajabi

The best extension to your Kajabi products! Apply different payment levels within 1 Kajabi product. Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum is no problem. Add badges and gamification. Give your products a completely different look. Get creative with extra blocks and text areas.

(We moved all our Kajabi templates to

Kajabi Gamification Information

"Kajabi Specialists since 2014 We breath Kajabi and that's all we do. Where others say it is not possible, we see a challenge. Contact us to ask your questions or just to say 'hi!'.

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Your Kajabi Dream Team

Bastiaan de Koning
Owner & Kajabi Strategy

Since 2014 I am an active Kajabi user and builder. Intensive years of experience in building website, funnels, courses, marketing within Kajabi for myself and for my clients. A time in which we gained a lot of knowledge as a team. I would like to share this knowledge with you via Kajabi Users NL, with blogs, tips, and a free Dutch-speaking community. We provide support at all levels for those who want extra support. We have tools and templates for you so that you can make Kajabi a great success.

Agith Maas
Strategy & Financial Manager

Behind the scenes I take care of the business strategy for KJB Users and KlantGenerator B.V. Where the team is really great in giving you support for your Kajabi site and questions, I'm there to keep the business running. If you plan to partner with us, I'm happy to meet. Just send us a note.

Lotte van Atten
Website design & social media

Within the KlantGenerator team I am an assistant web designer. Design and text, that's where my strength lies. It makes me very happy when I can give our customers a product with which they can position themselves strongly in the market. In addition to my work as a website designer, I am also responsible for the social media and other communications of Kajabi Users NL.

Noa de Koning
Website & PDF design

I am responsible for the graphic design and building of Kajabi web pages. My focus is on the graphic side of the websites in a young, fresh and attractive appearance. From the raw photo material that you provide, I provide an attractive modern website. In addition, I take care of the graphic online documents in Canva, images and graphics.


Ernst de Moor

Behind the scenes I am responsible for the construction and continuity of Linktopay. As a trained software developer I keep a close eye on technological developments. Me and my team do not shy away from any technical challenge. Owner of the company Creagraphy. I build and manage websites and web applications based on our own user-friendly management system.

Leanne Lovink
Online marketing

I guide entrepreneurs with their social media and Kajabi issues. My own online marketing company is Beat the System. With short online courses I guide entrepreneurs in the world of social media. With my company Helio I guide entrepreneurs who use essential oil in their company. I provide personal guidance in a creative and strategic way. This is really tailor-made, I think along with you and offer you the guidance that suits you!

Disclaimer according to Kajabi Partner Program Agreement article 4.3

Kajabi Users NL ( was founded by Bastiaan de Koning with explicit written approval by Kajabi in June 2019 and renewly approved in Februari 2021.

Bastiaan de Koning / KJB Users NL / or someone from our team is not an employee or representative of Kajabi, LLC. We are an independent Kajabi Partner and we receive referral payments from Kajabi in this role. All opinions expressed herein are our own and are not official statements of Kajabi or any party affiliated with Kajabi.